Mozila Firefox for Android Latest version 2013

Mozilla Firefox for Android Latest version 2013 

Phones - Supported Android Devices
  •     Alcatel One Touch
  •     HTC
  •     Huawei
  •     Kyocera
  •     LG
  •     Motorola
  •     Samsung
  •     Sony
  •     Sony Ericsson
Tablets - Supported Android Devices
  •     Acer
  •     Alcatel One Touch
  •     Archos
  •     Asus
  •     Dell
  •     HTC
  •     Huawei
  •     Samsung
  •     Sony
  •     Toshiba
  •     Viewsonic

Protect Your Mobile with Free Android Security Apps 2013

Mobile Protection with Free Android Security Apps 2013 By
Avast is An invisible security app that gives you both mobile antivirus and mobile tracking/controls – at any time, remotely – with no indication on the phone itself. Imagine the possibilities. 

Anti Theft Controls is Most Effective for Android 
avast free Mobile Security! Anti-Theft options can be remotely controlled, either via web access or via SMS commands sent from another phone. Check Here Full Details How it works :
Improved Security Features in Latest Version 2013

Improved avast! Widget :Display a status bar on your phone’s desktop, providing instant easy access to your Android antivirus app.

Improved Network Meter :Know how much data transfers into and out of your phone via 3G and/or Wi-Fi connection. See stats for the day, month, or year, with direct access to App Manager if you want to make changes.

Improved Web-based Control : Control your phone’s Anti-Theft options directly from your avast! Account web portal.

Improved Site Correct : Enable auto-correct of mistyped URLs, with options for 'auto-redirect' or 'request confirmation'.

ImprovedUser Interface : Use avast! Mobile Security even on your Android tablets, as the UI has been optimized for tablet display.

To run avast! Free Mobile Security on your device then your gadget must meet the following criteria:

Operating Systems Supported
  •     Android 2.1.x
  •     Android 2.2.x
  •     Android 2.3.x
  •     Android 3.x
  •     Android 4.x
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  •     Any phone capable of running a supported system
Best Tracking of Your 3G and Wi-fi Usage/Bandwidth
Your 3G and Wi-Fi data exchanges are visible by day/month/year with avast Network Meter, so you can stay closer to your monthly data limits and Save money by knowing what goes in and out

Comparison Of leading Premium Paid-for security brands with Avast Free Mobile Security    

Install This Apps on your Mobile or other Android Device or Gadget's Now

size : 4.8 Mb

What does apps mean in Android and Apple Mac OS ?

What does apps mean in Android and Apple Mac OS ?

Application software is known as an "apps" in Smart phone Gadget world. which is Popularized by Iphone, Ipad, Ipod User's. In Context of Andriod and apple Mac operating system Gernally apps are short form of Application software with there Designe, size, Use, Mobilability, features, portable.

Programming Language Used in Andriod OS and Iphone OS :
Andriod OS : mainly Java
Iphone OS : Apple’s Objective-C language (  familiar with C and C++ )

Apps available In Andriod and Apple Store :
Apple : Nearly 700,000 in iphone Store Apple
Android: 750,000 apps in Google play